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An Ant Commission

Posted by Matthew Bell on
An Ant Commission

I was recently commissioned to complete a miniature drawing of an ant. I have never drawn any type of bug before, so it was a fun exercise, and something different! Below is a step by step in 11 pictures of the progress of the ant from beginning to end...

Miniature ant pencil drawing commission

1. Draw the outline

Miniature original pencil drawing of an ant

2. Start filling in the body with a light grey

Miniature original pencil drawing of an ant

3. Start shading one level darker

Miniature original ant commission in pencil

4. Shade in the darker parts of the body

Ant original drawing

5. Continue shading in the black, put the dot of white (light) in the eye

Ant pencil drawing by wildlife artist Matthew Bell

6. Smoother, more intricate shading

Ant original pencil drawing by Matthew Bell Artist

7. Draw in light areas with a milky pen, and start to shade in ground to add depth

Ant drawing in graphite pencil by Matthew Bell

8. Add in areas of slight colour (light browns) and smooth the legs

Pencil drawing with graphite pencils by wildlife artist Matthew Bell

9. Check progress with a magnifying glass ;)

Mounted original pencil drawing by South African Wildlife artist Matthew Bell

10. Admire completed drawing!

Grapahite pencil drawing of an ant by South African wildlife artist Matthew Bell

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