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The Caracal is a medium sized, reddish colored cat with shortish legs, a stocky build and characteristically long tufts of black fur at the tips of its ears. It is a secretive animal and one is always lucky to get a sighting of one!

This original drawing is a close up portrait of a Caracal which is Matthews most recent drawing and a new addition to the other members of the cat family he has already drawn (leopard, lion and cheetah).

Matthew Bell Pencil Art
Welcome to the online gallery of South African pencil artist, Matthew Bell

In this gallery you can view the full collection of unique pencil art by Matthew Bell. His subjects include animals, birds and trees of the Southern African bushveld, from the famous Big 5 to the tiny dung beetle to the iconic Baobab Tree

Matthew’s sharp eye, attention to detail and self taught pencil skills combine to create these beautiful drawings of which both prints and originals are in increasingly higher demand

In the above gallery, organised into four sections: Birds, Animals, Trees, Other, one can view the full collection of prints, the variable sizes they are available in and the price of each different size. The originals that are currently available for purchase can be viewed by scrolling down to the bottom of this page to the Originals Gallery

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Featured Pencil Art Prints

Archival Epsom K3 ultra chrome ink combines with a high quality double weight matt paper works to produce the sharp, brightly coloured prints you see in this gallery.

Each print is individually signed by the artist.

All prints are neatly mounted using black core mount board (white with a thin line of black on the inside) and a solid backing board, therefore ready to be framed.


Original Pencil Art

Original pencil art is for sale but cannot be purchased online. If you are interested in purchasing an original please contact Matthew directly by email on info@matthewbellart.co.za, or send a message through the website’s contact page.

To find out which originals are currently available for purchase, their sizes and their prices, please go to the originals gallery on this page.

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