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Rhodes, my final pet commission

Posted by Matthew Bell on
Rhodes, my final pet commission

I often get asked if I do commissions and unfortunately, most of the time the answer is no. I am very specific about what I choose to draw and therefor spend a lot of time choosing just the right photograph/s to use as references according to the subject I want to draw and the 'layout' of the drawing

However, there was a time when I did and I thought I'd share possibly one of my favorite drawings. In the accompanying picture is Rhodes, a beautiful Ridgeback who I was asked to draw for some family friends. I love how this drawing turned out and how I was able to capture the expression in his soft eyes.

I completed two other pet commissions around the same time - 2016 which I will share soon, a Bulldog and a Staffi.

Since then its been all wildlife, the subject I most enjoy when it comes to my drawings!


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